About Us

Coinoxs entered the Turkish market in 2020, and has continued its work on blockchain technologies since 2018. Coinoxs, which is actively furthering its actions in 4 countries, develops user-friendly software on both the back-end and front-end for the tailoring needs of both B2B and B2C customers. values and missions are taken into consideration for this respect.

Our Vision: With our products that are built with blockchain technology, we aim to create more innovation, efficiency and opportunity around the world by creating a decentralized financial system where we can easily manage digital and fiat currencies. 

Our Mission: With the products we have developed with blockchain technology, we aim to create awareness of benefit, to respond to the rapidly increasing software interest with the information we have accumulated, and to provide all necessary infrastructure services from end to end.

Our Values: Our values ​​form the basis of our relationships with our employees, customers, regulators and society.
● Efficient Competitiveness
● Open minded approach
● Transparency principle
● Stakeholder Satisfaction