About Us

The company which is entering to Turkey market in 2020 name is Coinoxs Bilişim A.Ş., Turkey and the world's most exclusive offline Blockcha as the specialized technology stores the product brings a new breath to the world Crypto Currency Sector.

Coinoxs Coin Store delivers the best service to the right target audience by featuring the products of brands that are experts in their fields in its prestigious store in Nişantaşı!

You can get support from our expert clients in the sector with your transactions, see and examine the products we offer, and perform your transactions at low cost.

Our Vision: Coinoxs as customer satisfaction and safety oriented services with the understanding the benefits of blockcha technology systems and products developed in the global arena, especially Turkey, we have the duty to offer its end-users.

Our Mission: By contributing to the widespread use of all digital technology, we aim to enable individuals to make the best use of their savings, and to contribute to this process in the most effective way.

Our Values: Our values ​​form the basis of our relationships with our employees, customers, regulators and society.
• Trust is our priority.
• We are open to different cultures and views.
• We are connected to our customers, society, regulators and we are close to each other.
• We adopt an innovative service approach in the sector.
• Sustainability, we want to serve at certain standards.